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Birch Run Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce

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Bagger Dave's

Bagger Dave's

Bagger Dave's

8827 Main Street, Birch Run, MI, USA


(989) 244-6660



Bagger Dave’s specializes in locally sourced, fresh prime rib recipe burgers, all natural lean turkey burgers, hand cut fries, locally crafted beers on draft, hand dipped milk shakes, salads, black bean turkey chili and much more, delivered in a warm, hip atmosphere with friendly “full” service. The concept differentiates itself from other full service casual dining establishments by the absence of walk in freezers and microwaves, substantiating our fresh food offerings. The concept focuses on local flair of the city in which the restaurant resides by showcasing historical photos. Running above the dining room and bar, the features an electric train; a feature which was the genesis of Bagger Dave’s logo.

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